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can you like this if you’re currently reading this story, please?

Anonymous asked: Are u sure u not going to do a sequel cause imma really miss this story😒😭😤😩😱💔

i won’t be doing a sequel, unfortunately. i’m sorry, babe. 😔😢💔

himynameistiana asked: Oh that's you?!? Let me get into it! Send me the chapter list, babe. And same here. Work work work but I'm glad you're good. I'll def get into Kindred Spirits ASAP! 😍🙌

yup! it’s i’m glad you’re doing good, too. okay, babe! hope to hear from you soon! 😘😍☺️

himynameistiana asked: Hi!! 😊😍 I've been goodddd, missing your stories, of course. How are ya?

😘😁 babe, i’m still writing! i have this other story if you want, you can talk to me on there since i’m there more often. but, i’ve been good, too. just working and trying to get by, lol.

Anonymous asked: Hey are you coming up with any new stories your writing is addictive?

thank you and as of now, i only have kindredspirits-ff. as far as new stories, i’m not too sure about that yet.

himynameistiana asked: Babeeeeeee where you at??? 😫

😁😊😃 i’m right here! i was just thinking about you the other day, no lie. how’s it been, babe?

collidingpastsff asked: Hi! I just started an August Alsina FF and I am asking my favorite stories if they could give me feedback/writing tips. Would you be able to?

first and foremost, thank you for considering me a favorite of yours. um, advice-wise, i’d say grammar, vocabulary, and punctuation are important. which is the obvious, of course. so, proofread every time. write for yourself, be consistent with updates [if you could develop a schedule and stick to it, that’d be cool], you should promote your story as much as you can to gain readers. um, that’s all i could think of as of now. oh, and you should turn on your ask because people can’t leave you feedback if it’s off. remember, have fun with it ‘cause if you don’t have that passion, it’ll be a burden to write and it shouldn’t feel like that. good luck, love. :)

Chapter 1.



Elicia POV

I slid out of bed, untangling my legs from his and slowly removing his arm from around me. He didn’t shoot awake in a panic like he usually does so I just stood there for a moment. He was so beautiful, my man, my heart, my Auggie. I went to the kitchen and began to make…

Anonymous asked: Did you also right one life to live or did yall just collaborate on the over lap in the story? It was really cool regardless. I read this one first then I started piecing it together and getting all excited lol

her and i collaborated on that part. lol, thank you. we had fun writing that.

Anonymous asked: Why did u delete if you only knew??!

‘cause it wasn’t going the way that i had wanted it to go. i just wasn’t feeling it as much after awhile, tbh. sorry, love.