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Anonymous asked: Why did u delete if you only knew??!

‘cause it wasn’t going the way that i had wanted it to go. i just wasn’t feeling it as much after awhile, tbh. sorry, love.

Anonymous asked: The if you only knew link doesnt work

that’s because it isn’t a story anymore. i deleted it.

Anonymous asked: You should do a sequel to this

i can’t and a bit of me feels like they don’t need one.

crownmelay asked: Please do a sequel I'm in love

i wish i could but, i can’t commit to that, babe. sorry. :(

Anonymous asked: Can I please have a chapter list😭I was so into this story but family situations got in the way and I forgot all about social networks

sure, babe. i hope your family situations are worked out. ☺️

badgoldengal asked: Hello, I recently read your fanfiction titled 'Her Guardian'. I know that I'm late but I just came across this and I must say that it was a truly an amazing read. Your writing skills are great and I really think that you should try to publish some work. You are a true author. Good luck with future endeavors and I hope to be reading more of your work.

omg, thank you sooo much for that. i genuinely appreciate the love and i’m glad that you enjoyed the story. i low-key always wanted to publish real work so, again, thank you for your kind words. :)

Anonymous asked: Do you write any other august ff?

if you only knew and make it home are the only other august ones. make it home is currently inactive but, i think i’ll eventually start it up again.

Anonymous asked: Do you write any other ff?



Devoted [Sequel]

Her Guardian

Me 4 U

Make It Home [Hiatus]

If You Only Knew

currently writing if you only knew.

imnotgivinafuck asked: Character and chapter list please

seikotheerebel asked: Did you stop writing for "make it home" ?

yea, i took a prolonged break. i guess that’s what we can call it.