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37 hours of my being was spent vertically spiraling around the restaurant hysterically. I had no time to barely shut my eyes before my aggravating alarm was buzzing throughout my bedroom and I was up to begin the same routine once again. From Sunday through to Friday I had not had the recommended 8 hours sleep. I was like an automaton, programmed only to work. My mind supported the Computational Theory of Mind. This theory proposes the idea that the human mind is an information processing system which computes, if my brain processed any more information I would definitely need to be rebooted. I hadn’t been eating properly either; skipping meals every so often resulted in me relentlessly opening my jaw wide and releasing a raucous of a yawn to the public. I was no longer in the running to win the Waitress of the Year award anytime soon. My ‘once outstanding’ customer service was derisory, I frequently was found snapping at the clientele, getting orders wrong, passing insulting comments and even poured a glass of vintage crimson wine in a male’s lap out of rage. I could safely say the lid on my tips jar was easy to screw on. Truth is I was falling further into a black hole that appeared as a descending spiral. This black hole refused to let in a glimmer of light, consequently, a star was dying.

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Anonymous asked: When I went to click on a link for Make It Home, it had deactivated at the end. But alright, I'll check those out.

oh, you never found out the new link for it. i brought it back, maybe two weeks ago.

Anonymous asked: I think you should do a sequel. Plsssss 😫

i just don’t know what a sequel would zone into, babe. 😔

Anonymous asked: Do you have any other stories besides Disturbia and Devoted? I see Make It Home is gone. /:

make it home isn’t gone, might as well be… but, i have two others; [trey] [trey]

Anonymous asked: Hey ☺️👋 know of any other August fan fics w/ a great quality like this one? And has a lot of chapters?

hey, love. 😁

to answer your question, i read only a few august alsina fanfics that pertain to what you’re asking. quality, length wise.

those are well-written, perfect ones. you may already read those, lol. if i come across more, i’ll make a post for it.

Story Descriptions...VOTE!


List of my stories; let me know what y’all want to read

1. Flight 420
- How far would you go for your family? Would you risk your life? Your child’s life? A story about 6 girls who won’t stop until they have it all. Dominance is power & power is a must. What happens when a queen takes her…

could you please vote for what you would like to see in the fanfic world? she has four amazing options to choose from so, help her out with narrowing it down please. that’d be helpful, loves. :)

ashgash asked: I know I miss them so much ! 😩 but you had a great run with them !

*sighs* that i did. we have the chapters to reminisce on tho, lol.

Anonymous asked: if you really miss your babies you'd do a sequel! 😁😏🙈

stopppp. 😂✋ girl, don’t tempt me. *drake’s voice* just kidding, i think i had my run with them. they’re nothing but a mere memory, lol.

ashgash asked: I promise that this fanfic was one of my favorites like legit. I'm so happy how it ended. I still go back reread the chapters. Great job love.

you are too sweet, making me smile over here! thanks for thoroughly enjoying it, babe. funny you say that because i was just reading the chapter party & bullshit, lol. i miss my babies :/

Anonymous asked: Can you update the character list please? We would love to see faces for Jesse, Dorian, and others. Oh and is Marcus still the face of big Sean?

other than jesse, i posted pictures as soon as they were introduced. so whoever read along, knows those faces. but, i didn’t think to update the character list and i will get on that now. and yes, marcus is big sean.